Canine Genous Treats
Fill toys with tasty natural doggy treats or kibble. For variety, you might try:

  • Stuffing the ends with sausage, hotdogs, cheese, liverwurst, cream cheese or peanut butter.
  • Freezing a stuffed Leo toy, an excellent treat in hot weather - your dog will have to work harder to retrieve the frozen food.

Canine Genius Games
Games Developing a curriculum for your Canine Genius is a breeze. Here are three easy "lesson plans"...

The Thrill of the Hunt
Not the same old dinner bowl again! Try putting all your dog's dinner in a toy - or several connected toys - instead of that dinner bowl. Working for food was never so much fun!

Find the Rabbit
Use several Leos to create a puzzle, placing a large treat (one that won't transfer from toy to toy) in a single section. See how long it takes your dog to find the section with the food - and retrieve his reward.

Doggie Detective
Let your dog see his Leo toy, then put him in another room. While he waits, hide the stuffed Leo toy in an out of the way, but within reach spot. Then, release your dog from the room, and encourage him to perform a little "search and rescue".